welcome to BOOK PERSON

still under construction, but excited to be here.

Hello! Welcome to BOOK PERSON. Like all my endeavours, the idea for this occurred to me while I was procrastinating on something else— appropriately, a book review.

Among the many cruelties of COVID is that I spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts, and while I never thought it could happen, I’m getting tired of my own company. I’ve done a lot of reading, and a lot of talking about what I’ve been reading, and now I’m ready for something radically different: to talk about what other people are reading. Groundbreaking!!

Here’s the plan: I’ll interview voracious readers about their life in books, from their earliest childhood favourites to the titles currently sitting on their nightstand. Basically, I want to be Matthew McConaughey in the tesseract scene of Interstellar, hovering in your bookshelf like a time-travelling ghost. Sounds fun, right?

The format will be Q&A; the questions will be wide-ranging; the only rule is that no book can be repeated between answers. Each edition will feature the recommendations of a different reader. The rest I’m still figuring out. If you’d like to see what I come up with, subscribe!